Physiotherapy is the cornerstone of The Wellness Team. After years of working in this fascinating field, we still get asked, “What does a physiotherapist do?” Let us explain how we work and how we can help you heal your body.

Our physiotherapists are here to help you heal from tightness and injuries as quickly as possible.

Physiotherapy can help:

  • you to recover from injuries.

  • alleviate any feelings of discomfort or tightness in your body.

  • as a preventative service to ensure you have no flare-ups or injuries.

  • improve your strength (in conjunction with other allied services), especially after an injury.

It is best to seek the help of a physiotherapist as quickly as possible. As soon as you incur an injury or experience tightness in your body, contact us to book an appointment. The sooner you see us, the sooner we can help you recover and enjoy a healthy body again.

Physiotherapy uses hands on treatment to treat the problems you are experiencing.

Although physiotherapy is usually equated with massage therapy, we offer far more treatment modalities. These include but are not limited to: massage, dry needling, mobilisations, strengthening and mobility exercises, and real-time ultrasound.

What does a physiotherapist do at the first appointment?

We will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan. This will ensure you understand your diagnosis, our advice and the treatment required to successfully recover. We will also give you an approximate timeframe for your recovery.

If required, we will send you for diagnostic imaging such as x-rays and scans. If your problem is beyond our scope of practice or if you require the skills of another medical practitioner, we will refer you to one of the many trusted doctors and allied health professionals we work with regularly including paediatric physios.

For expert physiotherapy, contact the team at The Wellness Team today.