Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM / EPC / TCA)

A Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM), also known as an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) or Team Care Arrangement (TCA) is a Medicare Government initiative that provides funding towards up to a total of 5 sessions per year. This is a program for patients who suffer from a chronic condition. EPC care plans are bulk billed for physiotherapy.

 The Process for a CDM

There are a number of services available to clients under an EPC plan. The Wellness Team offers:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Referral

    A CDM requires a referral from your GP. It is designed for patients with a chronic or terminal condition with complex care needs. The EPC care plan enable the GP to plan and coordinate the care of these patients. The GP and practice nurse will complete a full assessment and fill out a Team Care Arrangement and GP Management Plan – this will include sections on your needs, goals, how to achieve those goals through actions, treatments and services and who will be providing those services.

  • Appointment

    Once you have a copy of your EPC and TCA and we have accepted the outlined treatment goals, you may book in for your sessions. When receiving physiotherapy under a EPC care plan at The Wellness Team it will be bulk billed. Therefore you will have no out of pocket expense. When you come for treatment please bring a copy of your EPC referral and your Medicare Card so that your treatment can be claimed under Medicare.